K3 and P3 Combo for sale

WW1SS . . . Steve <ww1ss@...>

Have a nice K3 P3 combo for sale. Radio is in excellent condition and 100% functional. Has the following options

KPA3 100w
KAT 3 Auto Tuner
KXV3 Interface
KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder
KFL3A 2,8k 8 pole
KFL3b FM 8 Pole
AM Filter 8 pole
1.8k Filter 8 pole
400hz Filter 8 pole
E100210 Left Side Panel
KUSB Universal Serial Bus Adapter
P3 TX Monitor
DCHF 2kw Directional Coupler

Everything works as it should. Price is $2000 for everything. Non smoking enviorment.

Pictures upon request

Will also add the K3 remote system with the K3 remote panel, and Remote rigs control and remote console for an extra $200. Whole system for $2200 shipped. This is about $4000 worth of equipment for 1/2 price.

Bob Chortek

Wow, that’s a bargain!

WW1SS . . . Steve <ww1ss@...>