K3: 1 ppm TCXO calibration - Methode 3 - Data sheet missing from ELECRAFT



I own a K3 S/N 3783.

Due to the the discontinuing of the K3 I now ordered the 1 ppm TCXO. All came in well as expected, except of one important piece of information. 
Referring to my original paper printed K3 manual Rev. D Sept. 2009 page 50 "Reference Oscillator" there are 3 methods to calibrate the TCXO.

Using the mentioned "Method 3 (1 ppm TCXO option)" the manufacture delivers a data sheet which has to be used to calibrate the 1 ppm TCXO.

But there is no data sheet delivered by ELECRAFT.....
Methode 1 und 2 are NO sophisticated ways for me to calibrate such a 1 ppm TCXO.

Two questions, please:

1. Can someone from ELECRAFT please give me an explanation on that issue?
2. Would the calibration of the 1 ppm TCXO be obsolet when installing the external reference option K3EXREF?

As ever tnx for your replies

vy 72/3 de DM5TU - OM sTef

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