Microphone Macro

Mark Horn


Does anyone know if it's possible to turn the extra microphone gain stage on for use with Low-Z microphones using a macro?  I can't see anyway of doing it but I'm hoping I may have missed something. 


Don Solberg

You should be able to do this with a macro.  My rig control software, Win4K3Suite provides this functionality in their K3 menu settings and it uses CAT commands for this. The Elecraft programmers reference manual shows this is the MN command, followed by 053 (which is the menu for Mic Select, You would need to select the MIC menu using MN053 then a series of DN and UP commands to move through the menu parameters. 

This link shows examples of how to do that



Mark Horn

Hi Don,

thank you for the reply.

My issue is switching on the extra microphone gain stage if I set the following macro, and this is from memory as I haven't the rig and information in front of me at the moment so the DN DN sections might not be correct, for Microphone FP.L, bias on with additional microphone gain stage:


Everything works as expected other than SWT17 which instead on switching on the extra microphone gain stage changes mode instead what I need to know and I've yet to find in the programmer manual is how to turn the extra gain stage on instead of changing modes.

73 Mark

Mark Horn

Ah ha found what I needed once I located the right page in the programmer manual I must have skipped a page while reading the PDF.  

I had read that SWT11 was tap button 1 and SWT12 tap button 2 is in my infinite wisdom extrapolated that tap button 7 would be SWT17 which isn't the case what I need was SWT33 instead.

73 Mark