Ability to send KAT500 and KPA500 commands through the K-Pod

Irwin Darack

This weekend in the CQWW CW contest, I found my self switching between Ant 1 & 2 on my KAT500 depending on which antenna I wanted to use for 80 & 160 meters (vertical or inverted L).  That got me looking for a way to create a macro in either N1MM or the K-Pod. I could keep the KAT500 utility open; this would create another software running in addition to everything you have open in a contest. After doing some research, I realized that the macro's in both only send commands to my K3s radio, which to my knowledge do not transfer over the KAT500.

Since both my KAT500 and KPA500 are already connected to my K3s, possibly a future firmware addition to the K-Pod firmware would allow you to create macro's which send commands to them.

Another option maybe in N1MM to create a Macro that sends a command to the specific com port that the KAT500 is connected to.
Irwin KD3TB