Battery Low indication on K3/0

Doug, VE3MV

Hi All:

I’m now starting to get a “Battery Low” indication on my K3/0 but can’t find any reference to that in the manual. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Tnx & 73

Doug VE3MV

Alan Higbie

Had same indication on a K3.

It did NOT mean the internal battery was low.

Instead, it meant that the supply voltage to the radio was low.  Fixed it by adjusting power supply voltage back up to 13.8 v.

I must have bumped the power supply.

73, Alan K0AV 


Same here, I changed the internal backup battery before I realised fumble fingers here had knocked the power supply voltage down.

Does anyone know how long the backup battery should last, using a quality battery and not the ten bob a bucketfull ones?

73, Stuart, GD0OUD.