Now accepting orders for the Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier


We’re now accepting orders for the new KPA1500 amplifier, having completed the FCC approval process. Target for initial shipments is the end of October.

Many of you have already received a notice about this via email. If you’re not on our email list, you can see the complete announcement here, as part of our August newsletter:

Our KPA1500 web page has full details on the amp:

...including this FAQ:

Feel free to send any questions about the KPA1500 or the ordering process directly to me, and/or post them to the list. Chances are others may have the same questions.

Here’s a very brief summary of the KPA1500’s features:

* 1500 W
* 160-6 meters
* Space-saving RF deck and separate power supply unit
* Fast, silent PIN diode T/R switching
* Built-in antenna tuner with dual antenna jacks
* Extensive remote control capabilities
* Compatible with nearly any transceiver



M Gerber

Hi Wayne-

I do not think I saw these questions answered on the Elecraft site or KPA1500 FAQ.

The KPA1500 price at $5995 is "introductory" which implies a potential for a price increase. I suspect it will be based on supply/demand. Can you comment further?

I read there are plans to offer the KPA1500 in kit form. I suspect the price differential between factory-assembled and the kit will be ~$200+ (maybe more as the KPA1500 is more complex and has a higher overall selling price) which is the difference between the factory-assembled and kit versions of the KPA500. Can you comment on this as well?

Lastly, can you provide detail on the low-pass filtering design in the KPA1500. While I am sure the amp meets FCC specs, I am curious as to how Elecraft has elected to deal with the known large odd harmonic spurs from the LDMOS that would typically be reflected back into the device. 

Thanks and 73--


Stephen Malyszka

This question may be sacrilege, but has anyone done a comparison of the KPA1500 and the Expert Linear 1.5K-FA? I understand that the 1.5K isn't available just yet but the quoted price difference between the two is $1000. about a comparison between the 1.3K and the KPA1500. I'm not sure the price difference of $1600 with ATU or $2400 without ATU justifies the 200 Watt difference.  I must be missing something. Can someone help?



Wayne --can you let us know if the performance on 50 MHz is the same as the lower frequency bands? When will a draft of the user manual be available as well? 




A draft copy of the manual is available on the FCC web site.  Elecraft submitted it as part of the type acceptance precess.  Here is the link.