[Elecraft_K3] Confused on K3-Remote and microphones

Mitch Wolfson


The secret is contained in the RemoteRig manual; you will see that JMP-1 in the RRC turns the bias on and off.

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On 24.12.2016 11:32, scott@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:


I'm looking at Rev D of the K3-Remote manual.

On page 16 (remote site setup) it says:  "2. Set the K3 for rear panel mic input and no bias, regardless of the type of mic used".

OK, that makes sense.

It goes on to say:

"The RRC-1258 units automatically supply bias".


Going to the control site setup diagrams, that last statement makes sense for the K3/10 or K3/100 controller shown on p. 19.  The diagram explicitly shows a microphone connection to the RRC-1258.

However, neither the K3/0-mini (p. 17) nor the K3/0 (p. 18) have any illustration of the microphone connection.

Is bias still being supplied via the RRC-1258 AUX/MIC port, and routed internal to the K3/0 or K3/0-mini to the 8-pin Foster and the 3.5mm jack on the side?

If so, what if I want to use a dynamic mic?  Can you turn off the supply of bias in the RRC-1258?

Unless I'm just not seeing it, this appears to be a noteworthy omission in the setup instructions.

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Scott NX7U

Scott Townley

Thanks.  I still don't see any reference to that in the Elecraft manual.  Surely they didn't ASSume that everyone in the world used electret mics?

Still wondering where the microphone is supposed to be connected.  Does it not matter?