Programmng memories


I want to send memories 1-8 using a keyboard on the P3. Easy enough. Switching memory banks also easy.
When I try to switch to bank 2, send a memory and switch to bank 1, the message stops playing with the second bank switch command.

The macro is SWH37;SWT21;SWH37;

Any ideas? I use mem 1-4 for HF and mem 5-8 for VHF. I could dedicate a key to switch banks but I would really like to switch banks automatically and eliminate bank confusion.

73, Bob K2QPN


George Allison

This is an old request, but I finally figured out the solution.... insert "DE255;" between the SWT21 and SWH37.  This will delay the second bank shift and allow time for the message to be sent.  If the message is too long and the transceiver stop sending, insert more delays.

George  K1IG