Tuning rate discrepancy

Jim Pyle

I recently received my K Pod and set it up.  However the tuning rate using the K Pod knob is half the rate of the K3 knob.  The K3 tunes 1 KC per revolution but the K Pod only tunes .5 KC per revolution.  Has anyone else observed similar behavior and if so what did you do to correct it?  The firmware and K3 utility are the latest versions.

Jim, AA8OY


elecraft has responded to this observation on the main Elecraft reflector. This is the way it is set up in firmware right now, but may be changed in future firmware.
Bruce N1RX


Here is what Wayne posted back on July 11th about this:
The K3 and K3S both use all 400 counts of the VFO A and B encoders (100 pulses/track/revolution).

The K-Pod defaults to 200 counts. During our testing we found that this provided the best compromise between precision and "fussiness" for typical K-Pod operations.

We plan to add a function to K-Pod Utility (which itself isn't quite ready yet) that will allow the user to change this to 100/200/400.