K3-mini starts in TERM mode

Scott Lowe

I am using the K3-mini to remotely operate my K3 via RemoteHams.com.  Occasionally, the K3-mini starts in the TERM mode.  I select the NORM mode by holding the [MENU] buttom for 5 seconds and then reboot the RCForb Client to connect to the K3; however, the K3-mini continues to revert to the TERM mode while connecting to the remote K3.  What is causing the K3-mini to go into the TERM mode when connecting to the K3?  And, how can this be avoided?

Thank you,
Scott, WA0TPN

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Hi Scott - I get the K3/0 mini showing TERM if the 1258s are not connected via the internet. I don't use Remotehams.com with my K3/0 mini but I suspect the TERM indication is caused by the same problem. I have autoconnect on my 1258s so as soon as I power on the 1258s, they connect within 5 seconds and then I power ON the K3/0 mini - this avoids the TERM problem with the associated 3 tone warning sound.

73 - Geoff G8OFQ

Scott Lowe


You are correct. I determined that when the RemoteHams server disconnects for some reason then the K3-mini goes into terminal mode when it attempts to connect to the server. The fix is to reboot the RemoteHams server.

Thank you!
Scott, WA0TPN
Reinbeck, Iowa

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