[Elecraft_K3] New SideKX panels for K3, K3S and P3

David Reed

In case someone can help, I am a member of the group, but when I try to get there, I get a message "You need to be a member to perform this action".

Anyone know how I might correct this?  (yes I am logged in)...

Thanks & 73 de Dave, W5SV

On 1/9/16 22:10, prcradio@... [Elecraft_K3] wrote:
I just got a set of new side panels with protective handles for my K3 and P3 from Scott at Gemsproducts. They are similar to whats been available for the KX3 for some time and these will not only protect the knobs and rear panel goodies from damage when transporting in a case, they look just downright sexy in the ham shack.

Not sure if these are listed yet on Scott's website and I picked them up in person since I'm local to him. I hope they are actually called SideKX like the KX3 product and not something else as I forgot to ask the official name for these.

I posted a pic of my K3 and P3 sporting the new panels in the Photos section of the group and here is a link that will hopefully work: Elecraft_K3