Elecraft K3s vs.Flex 6500


I cleaned house last week and sold all my used and unused gear. My main radio was the Kenwood TS-2000 which I was very happy with but wanted to go 2015 technology.

So after discussing and looking at both the Flex 6500 and a nicely equipped Elecraft K3s with filters and P3 monitor I am in a bit of a quandary.

I like the both....a lot !!!

So I'm reaching out to those who actually use them  and can give me just a few good reasons why I should go Flex vs.  Elecraft. Only positive comments please. 

The price point is almost the same so that is not a factor.

You can be brief and I will post this same message on the other Group  just to keep it on an equal plane.





Greetings... I too had a similar quandary with the Flex, to make it simple.... BOTH are capable SDR rigs, but what I found was if my computer has an issue the Flex is dead in the water, where the K3s is still up and running.

So this was a no brainer... I get the best of both SDR and a real knob and button radio with the K3s

73 Scott AK6Q



   Are you still undecided?


< I was very happy with but wanted to go 2015 technology.>

WHY? Tony, if you are still on the fence. Send me an email at my call at arrl dot net.

I think the whole 'labelling' thing SDR gen 1 vs SDR gen 3 is kind of silly. It's a manufactured name.

Neither Elecraft, Kenwood, Yaesu or ICOM have ceded the entire Amateur Radio market space to FlexRadioSystems.

Walt - kz1f


Allow me to elaborate. On the technical merits, according to Rob Sherwood, the Flex6000 and the K3(s) are virtually identical.  I wouldn't expect, therefore, there to be any difference in is processed on any given frequency. Where there would be a difference is ergonomics, which do you find easier to use, what are you more comfortable with. For myself, I'd advise to worry less about what year the underlying technology was patented and more about how comfortable the radio is to use, given the technical specifications have been deemed to be virtually identical.