Just Received K3S.


Just received a new K3S serial number 10015. I have moved to this radio from a TS990 . Obviously very different radios, but so far I am impressed. 

I will say one big disappointment is that it seems you can't have both the USB and RS232 ports active for CAT data. This was actually something I was really excited aboutl, because I could connect my computer via the USB port and use the RS232 port to send band data to my amp. I would love to be proved wrong on this count? 

Not sure if it is possible to re mediate this via firmware or if it is a hardware constraint. 

I'll try and set up virtual com ports to see if I can work around this

Rick Tavan

Does your amp accept 4-line "BCD" band data or does it insist on using a serial data stream? I've always used the band data from the K3 ACC socket, cascading true-15 pin Y-connectors as necessary to provide various signals to different devices. Works fine and doesn't depend on serial data stream timing.

If the amp insists on RS232 for band data, does it listen only (like a SteppIR controller) or does it insist on "talking" on the RS232 line? If it's listen-only, then you can cascade a 9-pin Y-connector.

If the amp insists on a bi-directional RS232 link, consider the various products that simulate multiple serial ports on a single computer input. I haven't used them and am just vaguely aware that they exist, but that might be a place to look if no other alternatives work.

GL & 73,


Rick Tavan N6XI
Truckee, CA


Hi Rick,

Thank you for your suggestion. The amp does indeed accept band data - I'll cook up a cable and see if I can get it to work