Just ordered a fairly loaded K3S. I'm personally thrilled to have the new USB port on the back. It makes it much easier to concurrently connect peripherals such as amplifiers and computers. In addition not needing an external sound card is also a great feature. Both are things that I love about my TS990, and am really happy to see on the new K3S



Paul Gussow

Maybe Elecraft could provide/specify a "K3 Trade-in" option.  'Twould make upgrading to a K3s much simpler,
if Elecraft could do so without taking a significant financial hit.  Also it would seem to be the "human" way to go. 

Just sayin'.........

Paul  W6GMU

Tim Hague <m0afj@...>

I've never seen so much bitching...most of you will not notice the difference between the K3 and K3S, especially if you live in an urban environment.
God knows what would have been said if Elecraft had offered the K4 you were all going on about a few months ago...

Best regards, Tim Hague, M0AFJ
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While I don’t drink $27 worth of beer each month, I do pay DirecTV over $100 per month. 
I find the radio much more entertaining, probably because I am in the loop, not just passively absorbing Hollywood’s drivel. 
Plus, it allows me to build a social network of local and distant amateur radio operators, not something I can get from watching the boob tube.
Quick review of the price list show that a K3S with subRX, two CW roofing filters, and a P3 with SVGA is going to cost about 4 years worth of DirecTV. 

Maybe if I present this cost/benefit analysis to my bride it will be easier for her to understand the superior value of the radio.

Bob R