Split/Unsplit on one PF button

Jim Pyle

Problem solved with the help of Dick, K6KR and John, KU4AF.  I would like to share the macros in case others would like to do the same.

Set it up like this in the K3 Utility:

Macro1 SPLIT+2 - SWT13;SWT13;FT1;UPB5;RT0;XT0;SB1;MN110;SWT12;SWH45;MN255;

Macro2 UNSPLIT - FT0;RT0;LN0;SQ000;SB0;MN110;SWT11;SWH45;MN255;

These are for PF1.

Jim, AA8OY


Not sure if I'm missing something in this debate.
I have a macro on PF1 to engage Split (Up 2).
To undo the Split I hold the A>B button for 2 seconds.
Are we generating another macro for the latter process just because we can?

Norman - GM4KGK