[Elecraft_K3] Sub Deaf

Jim Pickett

Hi Roger --
I'm having similar problems with mine and I'm
working with Gary in Support. Right now my sub
receiver is working fine on all bands except 20, 12
and 10 meters and on all three of those bands, when
I try to calibrate the VCO, I get an error. Also on
those three bands, when I punch the button to bring
up the sub receiver, it gives me an ER PL/2. Check
your VCO calibration and see if it works correctly.

Good luck.
Jim - K5LAD

On 18 Feb 2009 at 1:44, rcstimson wrote:

Have not used the SUB receiver in the K3 in a couple of months. Have
loaded the latest firmware, but now my K3 SUB is deaf. It was working
fine before; i.e. after I installed the KRX3. What has changed? It
is configured to ANT=ATU, SPKRS 1,B SET to MAIN. What else is there
to do?
Roger K8RS


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