[Elecraft_K3] K3 Deposit Clarification

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I see there has been some confusion regarding deposits in recent
emails. To clarify this, we just added the following to the shipping
status web page.
73, Eric WA6HHQ

A note regarding K3 deposits:

We originally gave our customers the option of getting a low a low
serial number K3 from our first production run by including an
optional deposit with their order. Once the first production run was
filled by orders (both those with and without deposits) we changed the
order form and stopped giving priority for deposits, but kept them
optional for those who wanted to help us out.

K3 orders received with a deposit before approximately May 14th will
ship before other orders received during that period. After those
first orders are shipped, we will ship the remaining orders in the
order they were received. (Deposits placed after this group are
optional and do not effect shipping date, but we do appreciate the

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