[Elecraft_K3] Re: Good news... or bad?

Thom LaCosta <lacosta@...>

On Fri, 20 Jul 2007, Julian wrote:

Hear hear, Thom. This is not some faceless mega-corporation we are
talking about but a small company, run by hams, for hams. No doubt
Wayne and Eric could have sold out to a big concern and made a
fortune, or gone for an IPO and luxuriate in plush offices while the
hired staff do all the work. Instead, they have chosen to keep it to
themselves and work extremely hard. We should be willing to cut them
some slack because of this, if necessary.

Those who want to be 100% sure of what the radio will do and when they
will receive it should have waited until Elecraft is in a position to
meet those requirements. Nobody forced them to pay a deposit.
Well said.

I suspect the shipping date has slipped/will slip. And as it does, I know that the Aptos Crew is working to have a superior product in our hands. So, I suspect I'll have a little more time to re-arrange the shack, get a better antenna up, and all sorts of things.

I might even setup am IRC Channel for K3 users....I have some up for QRP and Drake....now and again I have some chats with other users...Quite a few times
I used to to get feedback as I was working on the super-secret, super-inefficient, try not to electrocute the cat indoor antenna.

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Toby Deinhardt


I am one of the people who sent their order to Elecraft within the first 24 or
so hours after the announcement, and also I prepaid.

I see no reason to be worried that the shipping date has slipped or will slip.
According to Eric's last shipping status update, they are still on schedule and
still have ten days to go.

OTOH, if Elecraft feels they need a couple of extra weeks to perfect the radio,
then I'm all for them taking the extra time.

vy 73 de de toby

PS: Nonetheless I wish I could already be studying the manuals... ;-)