Placed an order yet??

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Joe es the Group
Well Joe,
I did order mine the day they offered them hi hi.
I just got the K3/10 as I am a QRP'er es run CW most of the time.
but will add ops as I go, es ur right it is going to e a long
summer hi hi. can't wait to get the rig.
take care all
de AB0SR + sk sk

Joe and the Group:

With limited funds and the "you'll probably get ONE chance to buy
another rig before you're dead" XYL mantra (Hi Hi,only kidding
I started my quest. First it began with the usual new rig

Then I started to do research. Plenty of it. After 6 months of
receiver research, etc. I have decided on the K3. So, when I do
(probably next year) I'll be getting the K3/100 with ATU,second
receiver and TCXO option. Filters will be the 2.1KHz-8 pole and
400Hz-8 pole. I can have Santa bring other filters as time goes on.

This is going to be a great rig. From what I have researched (SDR
sites, serious technical papers on IMD, 3rd order IMD,
etc.) Elecraft has hit the mark. Can't wait.

Mr. Carey Magee
Rochester, NY
Grid: FN13ef

Quoting Joe Stofko <wb1aiu@...>:

With more members coming on board to the group, I am wondering
how many
may have decided to take the plunge? I made up my mind over the
weekend. Since I expect there will be lots of activity here once
first shipments are made, I was thinking it might be fun to
"survey" the
group... find out how many folks have actually decided to buy
one, and
what options are hot items. I decided on the 100 watt version
with the
ATU, 2.1kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz (FM) roofing filters, and the general
xtal filter as well. I would love to have added the second
module... but, maybe I can talk Mrs. Claus into it as a Christmas
And, I guess that's how it will be... like I can remember as a
youngster, waiting imptiently for Christmas day... Man, it's
gonna be
a long summer!

Joe - WB1AIU