Placed an order yet??

Joe Stofko <wb1aiu@...>

With more members coming on board to the group, I am wondering how many may have decided to take the plunge?  I made up my mind over the weekend. Since I expect there will be lots of activity here once the first shipments are made, I was thinking it might be fun to "survey" the group... find out how many folks have actually decided to buy one, and what options are hot items. I decided on the 100 watt version with the ATU, 2.1kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz (FM) roofing filters, and the general coverage xtal filter as well. I would love to have added the second receiver module... but, maybe I can talk Mrs. Claus into it as a Christmas gift! And, I guess that's how it will be... like I can remember as a youngster, waiting imptiently for Christmas day...    Man, it's gonna be a long summer!

Joe - WB1AIU

Mike Penkas

OK- I'll start-
Ordered a K3 kit with 2.8 and 400 hz 8 pole filters on 5/1 0830hrs.
I can get 500w out of the QRO2500 with 10 watts don't need the 100w.
Anxious to see it in Dayton Friday.
Wonder if anyone has seen any credit card activity yet on the down