Re: Heil iCm with the K3

Christopher Scibelli

On page 13 of the K3 Owner's Manual it gives the pinouts for the 8 pin connector on the rig. 1= Mic Audio 2=PTT 3= Down Button 4= Up Button 5= Function Button 6= 8 Volts (10 mA Max) 7,8 = Ground If you have the manual for the IC-746 you can compare the pinouts. Hope this is what you are looking for.


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I have a Heil iCM that I used with a IC-746 and no longer use. I thought maybe I could wire it for use with my new K3. I've been searching for info as to wiring and pinouts but haven't found anything specific. Anyone else tried this microphone?
Mike / K9AMP

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