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My K3 and the Proset were bought in early 2009 and I was about 75% complete but than a more important project came along and I did not finish until 3 weeks ago. My original instructions with the Proset were for the K2 and I thought I was going to have to add that resistor. When I was finishing the rig I noticed the Proset instructions had been updated. The same instructions for those that own a K2 but a new page of instructions for K3 owners. I'm glad I did not have to add the resistor. Thanks for your help.



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You probably have your answer now, but if it says "IC", that is the version Heil made, mainly for use with Icom rigs which responded best to electrets. The "IC" version is an electret, not an HC4 or HC5. By the way, that's the same version that Heil made for Elecraft rigs with Elecraft's name on it.

A lot of folks prefer electrets to dynamics, and I'm one of them. But I'm not an "audio" guy, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I will also tell you that you can "roll your own" electret by simply modifying just about any existing microphone you have by just adding an electret cartridge to it, and wiring it so you put the proper amount of bias on the cartridge element. You will need something like a 4.7K, or 5.6K resistor in series with the bias line, unless your rig does that for you. Radio Shack sells an electret cartridge which a lot of folks have used very successfully, and with very good results. There are tons of other electret cartridges out there, all pretty cheap cost wise, but they do vary as to quality. The RS cartridge is only about 3 bucks!

Look in the manuals for the K2 or K3, and you will find how the setup is made to use an electret. The K3 includes the necessary resistor mod, and the K2 has a terminal strip, which allows you to set up your K2 for any number of combinations of microphones which are wired for other types of radios. If you are using an electret on a K2, they have you add the necessary resistor across the line from the bias input to the pin for the microphone. On a K3, you just add the bias with a menu setting.

Dave W7AQK
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It only says (iC) there. No Number.

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> Look at the round joint between the mic boom and the left ear piece and it should say "HC-4" or "HC-5".
> 73, Barry N1EU
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> > Hi:
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> > I bought the Heil Proset for my microphone with the K3. The guys I have have been talking with have asked what the cartridge is but it does not specify. Does anybody know what Heil cartridge is installed with the standard Proset? Been getting fantastic audio reports. The less compression, or none at all, seem to produce the best audio reports. I do use compression when I need to break through a pileup but can hear the difference in my monitor. Less compression is better sounding.
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> > Thanks
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> > NU1O Chris
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