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Christopher Scibelli

Sam: That's a great idea. I've been a ham for 23 years but my background is finance not electronics. It's taken me 10 days to learn most of the settings, knobs,and dials but I don't have a clue as to what the hell is going on. The more I could learn about this rig and how to optimize its settings, the more I would enjoy it. I'll bet most of the other hams with little electronics background would feel the same way.



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Ahhh. An issue near and dear to my heart and head.

A month or so ago, I suggested someone or some people "in the know" put
together a technical white-paper or manual addendum with usage scenario
information that helps people optimize their parameters. There's a lot
of good stuff happening in these DSP-based rigs, BUT, without an
appropriate mental model of what exists and how to best use it, they are
not being operated most effectively by the user community.

Your post, and those by others clearly justify this suggestion.

People using the newly introduced TS-590S have similar issues poorly
understanding when the unit is doing up- or down-conversion, and what
physical filters get switched in when, and how to optimize the use of
the DSP-IF filtering for SSB and CW.

The way for Elecraft or Kenwood or Ten-Tec or for any other manufacturer
to add value (IMHO-easily) is to supply much much better information as
to the algorithms being employed within, and in pre- and post-DSP
processing and what to expect, when to use, artifacts generated, etc.

It's no longer an analog world, but a mixed-signals world.

It comes down to usage tips and tricks as well. Perhaps some of the more
seasoned K3 owners could get together and create an additional reference
or addendum to help people with K3s maximize their experience - rather
have them rely on anecdotal information backed by a poor mental model,
or wade through hundreds and hundreds of emails on their reflector, or
this Yahoo group.

Another plausible concept is an instructional DVD/video covering topics
such as the one you're bringing up, with an expert actually showing how
to maximize performance given band and traffic conditions with the audio
captured as they configure the rig for the conditions presented. It's an

Regards, Sam, KJ4VPI

On 12/5/2010 8:23 AM, aburkefl wrote:
In the K3 manual, the reference info for noise reduction only states that using F1-1, F2-2 and so forth need to be tried and it remembers the setting for each mode.

You can go as high as F5 and there is a reminder that you've done that, but, other than that (about a paragraph), there isn't much info.

Other than what you think you can hear (for an improvement or not), what's actually happening? Is there a more scientific approach to setting the NR? Is there some sort of "acid test" that will clue the user to when the best setting has been achieved?

Art - N4PJ

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