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Christopher Scibelli

Hi Joe:

I bought the Proset as an option directly from Elecraft when I bought my K3 and all the options. The round thing near the boom says (iC). I also have to use bias according to the directions that came with the microphone. I think it's safe to assume this is an Icom, and neither the Heil 4 or 5. Did I purchase the wrong microphone? I am mainly a DXer. I was in in QSO with a bunch of Elecraft users last week and one of the guys was looking at my signal on a monitor. He said there were no lows, so I boosted them up with the TX equalizer and I have been getting unsolicited audio reports which I'm very pleased with. One other question, if you don't mind. I have an Icom SM-8 microphone. I was going to wire it up for the K3 but it sounds like these are the same microphone elements. Am I correct in assuming this? I have one other mike, a D-104 but I don't think it's designed for a new rig like the K3.


NU1O Chris

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> I bought the Heil Proset for my microphone with the K3.

Did you buy the "Elecraft" version from Elecraft or did you
buy a ProSet from another vendor?

Put another way, do you have bias turned on in your K3 or
are you using no bias?

If you need bias voltage, the ProSet has the iC (Icom)
electret element which is generally has a wide range
(broad/flat) audio response. If your ProSet does not need
bias, look at the "cup" where the mic attaches to the earpiece
the element will be marked there. HC-4 is the sharply peaked
"DX" element while the HC-5 has a little flatter response but
is still designed for articulation (some boost above 1500 Hz).


... Joe, W4TV

On 12/5/2010 3:14 AM, admiral1789 wrote:

I bought the Heil Proset for my microphone with the K3. The guys I have have been talking with have asked what the cartridge is but it does not specify. Does anybody know what Heil cartridge is installed with the standard Proset? Been getting fantastic audio reports. The less compression, or none at all, seem to produce the best audio reports. I do use compression when I need to break through a pileup but can hear the difference in my monitor. Less compression is better sounding.


NU1O Chris


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