Re: General coverage


Yup, that's answering the question perfectly. I feel famous now,
having been quoted! Do I get a prize, like a free K3? :-)

Knut - AB2TC

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In going over the FAQ on the Elecraft site, I found this had been added
to address your question:

General does not mean continuous in this case. There is a small gap at
8.215 MHz. You may be able to tune to this frequency, or not, depending
on the firmware. There is a trap circuit to suppress response at this
frequency, so the receiver won't work very well within several kHz of
8.215 MHz if it does allow you to tune there.

73, Joe - WB1AIU

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With a first IF of around 8 MHz, how can the receiver be general
coverage? Will there not at least be hole in the coverage around the
IF frequency?

73 Knut - AB2TC

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