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Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

I am very sad to post this. We are in a state of shock and loss here at Elecraft.

Scott King, AH6KL, our first full time employee and oldest member of the Elecraft family, passed away suddenly Tuesday night.

Scott was a personal friend and colleague of mine for the past 25 years. We literally worked from my basement in Aptos on our first K2 kits in 1999 and Scott was a key member of our support team for the past 11 years. We are going to miss his energy, great attitude and excellent support of customers. Scott came to work every day with a positive attitude and he truly looked forward to helping out people outside and inside of Elecraft. His friendly voice and smile will be missed by all of us, and I'm certain, those of you who have corresponded and talked with him.

If you wish to send anything in memory of Scott, please use our PO BOX:

In memory of Scott
Aptos, Ca 95001-0069

Please do not call the office, (we are already overloaded with people calling). If you wish to email something, please use our sales@... email address. Due to the large number of emails, we will not be able to respond to all of those received.

We will gather anything we receive and forward it as appropriate to Scott's sister, who is handling his affairs.

Rich Trebbien AD7FZ, richrebbien@... , is now receiving any remaining emails that may be sent to scott@.... Please use Rich's direct email address for any follow up emails to ones previously sent to Scott. If you feel something you have requested from Scott may have been dropped or missed, please email Richard and he will help you out.

New support requests should be sent to k3support@... and support@... (all non-K3 requests).

I'll miss Scott.

Eric WA6HHQ (and everyone at Elecraft)

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