Re: [Elecraft_K3] Re: Rig ergonomics and performance comparison

Rick <mrfarm@...>

It will be interesting to see an improved scope, particularly if it can read below the noise. I would have to say that my Pro 2 will display anything above the noise (along with the noise) and you can watch signals go in and out of the noise in real time. Having the scope always available is something that is unlikely to be duplicated any time soon by the competition at that level of performance.

In fact, are you sure that the ICOM spectrum scope is not from a DSP engine? I believe that they are using some fairly decent DSP to create such a good display.

The thing that I find more interesting with the add on software/hardware, is the ability to act as a VNA! Now that is pretty impressive.


Rick, KV9U

bill_w4zv wrote:

I agree for a "built-in" scope, but I believe both resolution
bandwidth and dynamic range will be significantly better using
SDR-based displays. For those who want to locate weak signals buried
in noise, the Softrock/Rocky combination will be FAR superior to any
of the built-in scopes available today. If you look at the displays
at the bottom of the Rocky page I referenced you will see what I mean.

73, Bill

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