Re: Rig ergonomics and performance comparison

bill_w4zv <w0zv@...>

--- In, Rick <mrfarm@...> wrote:

You may have missed the point I was making with the ICOM 756 Pro Series
having a built-in spectrum scope ...

"The Pro Series may be preferred by some for the ergonomics and of
course nothing can thus far touch the spectrum display for one built-in
to the rig."
I agree for a "built-in" scope, but I believe both resolution
bandwidth and dynamic range will be significantly better using
SDR-based displays. For those who want to locate weak signals buried
in noise, the Softrock/Rocky combination will be FAR superior to any
of the built-in scopes available today. If you look at the displays
at the bottom of the Rocky page I referenced you will see what I mean.

73, Bill

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