Re: MH2 Mic issue

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Aha! That's what I get for doing email and group postings before
breakfast. :-)

I was out of town Fri-Sun and missed much of this discussion. I'm now
up to speed. Yes, I believe that Wayne and Lyle are going to deal with
the initial transient suppression in the DSP code. It wasn't severe on
the MH2, that's why I missed it.

73, Eric

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There is absolutely no need to add a resistor to the mic. We provide a
K3 menu item to enable or disable bias to the mic connector. That's
how I use it on my K3 here. :-)
73, Eric WA6HHQ
Eric - I think you may have missed the point. The suggestion of the 150
ohm resistor in pin 2 was to limit the transients caused when the PTT
button is pressed. The problem is worse than the MH2 when using a
powered microphone such as the D104. With the D104 it takes several
seconds for the audio to build up to the full level.


David G4DMP

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