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Rick <mrfarm@...>


You may have missed the point I was making with the ICOM 756 Pro Series having a built-in spectrum scope ...

"The Pro Series may be preferred by some for the ergonomics and of course nothing can thus far touch the spectrum display for one built-in to the rig."

Not even Ten Tec's much more expensive rig has a spectrum scope that can perform at the level of the Pro Series. The K2 of course does not even have such a feature at all.

There is nothing wrong with add-on devices or modifications, but that is not something many hams will be doing. We are now seeing some manufacturers attempting to compete although the price point is fairly high at $1000 or so for a factory add-on, plus the monitor.

But even with outboard scopes, I wonder how much better it would be. If you have used a Pro series for a while, you surely know how impressive it is. When I first bought the rig, I really was not particularly interested in that feature and figured it was just a "frill" that is nice to have but not all that necessary. But after having it for a few years, I have to say that I have completely changed my mind on this and consider it to be an important feature for a number of ham applications.

When you have compared the K3 (with the set up you mentioned) to the Pro Series Spectrum Scope, what improvements are you noticing?


Rick, KV9U

bill_w4zv wrote:

--- In, Rick <mrfarm@...> wrote:

My rig preferences <SNIP> and excellent spectrum display. The K3 is not going to be able to compete with that last item
Oh yes it will. With its wideband buffered 8.125 MHz IF output, a $15
Softrock kit, free Rocky software, a 1 GHz Pentium PC and a decent
sound card, the display will run circles around the Pro2/3 band scope.

73, Bill

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