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Congrats on joining amateur radio. I'm sure you will get lots of
answers to your questions, particularly if you go to a local amateur
club meeting. I'll give you my opinions - there're free

I ordered 1 additional 500 Hz filter with my K3. So far I haven't felt
the need for more. I do mainly CW, SSB and digital modes. If you want
to do AM or FM you will need additional filters. Don't sweat about
filters, they are easy to add a any time and there is no price break
for ordering them with the K3.

Antenna Tuner
Do you need a tuner? If so thee are pros and cons for the internal tuner:

pro - well integrated physically and has seemless control

con - more expensive, not remote, not useful if you have or expect to
have an amplifier

I have an amplifier so I use an external tuner

Other options - what do you want to do?

Unlike the K2, the base K3 does an excellent job without much extra. I
think the only tricky issue is if you want to use an external receive
antenna. There are multiple options that are detailed on the Elecraft

KX1, K2, K3

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