Re: PK3K and PR6 question

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Both the P3 and PR6 can be used at the same time. They connect to different connectors on the KXV3 (and KXV3a).

We designed the PR6 to mount with the Male-Male BNC connectors to the rear of the K3. Its quite strong and we have had no reports of problems from the field. (The PR6 is not very heavy.) Of course, if you are concerned about this you can use short BNC cables instead.

73, Eric WA6HHQ

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If I have the PK3K panadapter and the PR3 six meter preamp will I be able to use the PK3K and the PR6 together on six meters or will I have to switch off the PR6 to use the PK3K?

Also, how mechanically stable is the PR6 using the M to M BNC connectors? It appears to me there might be some stress applied to either the radio connections or the PR6 connections with regard to added weight of the additional BNC from the PK3K.

Dale, K9VUJ

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