Re: General coverage

Peter Sidler - HB9PJT

Maybe it switchs the first or second IF from - to + at the critical
frequency spot. In this way it is possible to have general coverage.
However for a downconverter general coverage to acchieve fair IF
image rejection for all frequencies is a challange. We will see.

73, Peter - HB9PJT

--- In, "Joe Stofko" <wb1aiu@...> wrote:

Hey Knut,

Good question. Maybe one of the gang at Elecraft will have
an answer !

Joe - WB1AIU

--- In, "ab2tc" <ab2tc@> wrote:

With a first IF of around 8 MHz, how can the receiver be general
coverage? Will there not at least be hole in the coverage around
IF frequency?

73 Knut - AB2TC

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