Re: K3 Front Panel Controls Not Working

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Hi Art - This almost certainly is not a failure of the physical keypad itself. That would not impact all buttons at once. We rarely see any front panel key failures, and when we have, it rarely is the keypad itself.

Contact our tech's via k3support@... to have them help figure out what has happened. It could be due to an odd firmware glitch, or in very rare cases, a cold solder joint on the pcb. Sometimes an EEINIT or a f/w reload can solve an issue like this, but check with them first before doing an EEINIT, as all parameters will need to be re-entered into the K3.

73, Eric WA6HHQ

--- In Elecraft_K3@..., "aburkefl" <aburkefl@...> wrote:

Mine died without warning. One day everything appeared to work fine - the following day they didn't. If there was any gradual decay/failure, I wasn't aware of it.

Came into the shack, turned on the rig and tried to change bands. Something else happened. Tried a couple of other buttons - virtually none of them did what was expected.

Like the previous "reportee" I also re-installed the latest firmware to no avail. Elecraft deduced the switching matrix had died and it went back to the factory.

Certainly I'm no expert on the subject just because I was a "victim," but my understanding of the "switching matrix" is that the voltage "exiting" the matrix is measured and that determines what button or sequence of buttons was pressed. Although I assembled my own rig from a "kit," the front panel was essentially a single installation (plus the knobs), so there was no "investigation" of what the various boards/circuits on that panel consist of.

Art - N4PJ

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Now I'm curious ...... does the "dreaded switching matrix failure"
happen all at once? Or does it slowly (or quickly) develop into a
full failure?
I have switches, normally when I press and hold, that do nothing the
first time I press and hold - this is after a period of non-activity
of any of the switches. As I hold it in, I can wiggle it and press
harder, and nothing happens. If I let go and press and hold again I
get the function. Since I haven't read, or heard, much about it, I
figured it was me.
Is this an early sign of the "DSMF" - the dreaded switching matrix failure?

73 Hank K8DD

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Harry <harrytheham@> wrote:
Spoke to Dale at Elecraft a few minutes ago. Not firmware, but apparently the dreaded switching matrix failure.  Off to Aptos tomorrow.

Harry WE1X

--- In Elecraft_K3@..., "Harry" <harrytheham@> wrote:

Upgraded to latest firmware the other day. All seemed to be fine. A few minutes ago I noticed the macros that I programmed into the K3 were not working. Then I noticed that if I pushed say the XMIT button the pre-amp comes one. If I push the XFIL the "no DVR" message displays. If I push AGC the "no MON" message displays....and so on. I cannot get into the MENU or CONFIG menu.

Any suggestions?


Harry WE1X


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