Re: K3 vs Orion II

Steve <victorsj@...>

Hi. I am a new member of the group.
Has anyone had the opportunity to use both the K3 and the Orion2? If
so, how do they compare? How does the QSK compare? Does the Orion
have any advantage over the K3?
What about the SDR5000?

Thanks and 73
Steve WA2DTW

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I just joined this reflector and have an order for the K3. I own
a TT
Orion II and have been very pleased with its performance. I will
watching for objective data between now and October to see how K3
stacks up against Orion to decide if I want to take delivery on
the K3
and sell the Orion. I am hoping to see some more published data
Bob Sherwood and/or ARRL before my order is ready.
The two rigs share nearly an identical front-end, with narrow
at 9 MHz for Orion and 8.2 MHz for the K3, so RF performance should
nearly identical. I believe the main differentiators in favor of
K3 are:

1. Price
2. High performance Sub RX (unlike Orion's) allowing true
phase-locked diversity (unlike Orion).
3. Ergonomics

Time will tell but I've sold my Orion and ordered a K3.

73, Bill

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