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Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

3.68 went to final production release this morning. K3 utility will now automatically find it for download when you 'check versions'.

In general, the reason we use a zipped set of files in a different ftp directory for beta releases is to avoid unwary customers downloading pre-release beta firmware automatically with K3 utility. K3 utility will not recognize the zipped beta f/w file, so it requires a little extra effort to copy the zip file, uncompress it to a new directory and redirect K3Utility to that directory for the installation.

Beta firmware is pre-tested here and by our field testers, so its usually very stable, but we use the final step of beta testing it with willing customers as our final pre-release step.

73, Eric WA6HHQ

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Where is 3.68 ? When I download all I get is 3.63.
3.68 is a beta release - pls read:

~Iain / N6ML

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Where can I find a copy of Firmware Release 3.63 (last official release). I check the firmware website and did not find a copy and for some reason did not save a copy on my hard drive. I will need a full release so that I can go revert back from a newer firmware update.

I recently loaded the Beta Firmware Release 3.68 and used it in the  recent ARRL 10M contest for CW contacts.  I was getting a clicking noise from adjacent CW stations and not sure if the roofing filters configuration was working properly?  I was in my lowest filter (500 Hz), CW mode and stations that were out of the pass band for this filter (> than 500 Hz), were giving me a clicking sound. Not sure why and if this was operator error?  But best, to revert back to my previous firmware.

Thanks and regards, Irwin

Irwin Darack - KD3TB

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