Re: Filters for sub receiver

Don Tyrrell, W8AD <tyrrell@...>

Thanks for the reply Joe. That's how I understood it too. It'll
really be interesting to see the initial test results. The "close in"
numbers and ultimate filter rejection are what people seem to be
watching for now.

I think the K3 will be very popular too, since its sub receiver has
the same receiver specs as the main receiver. That's really unique!

Don, W8AD

--- In, "Joe Stofko" <wb1aiu@...> wrote:

Hi Don,

I began answering this and managed to lose my reply! Anyway,
as I
understand it,
from all the info on the Elecraft site, you are correct. Each
requires seperate
filters, of your choosing. I, like many others, am drooling over
rig and am looking
forward to Elecraft publishing detailed specifications. The K3
does look like a
winner. I've been looking at the Pro III and Omni VII, but am
very heavily
towards the K3 !
--- In, "Don Tyrrell, W8AD" <tyrrell@>

I notice the various filters on the price list. I assume you
order the
ones you want for EACH receiver (main and sub)? I may have missed
something, but I wasn't clear on that.

Thanks for clarifying. It looks a GREAT new product. I'm

Don, W8AD

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