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I am using the K3 with the Emtron DX2sp without pushing anything on 160 to 10 and it works great also at MAX power.  I like Tony don't like the TD so leave it on a lot.  Fan noise is a little distracting.  I don't use the ALC either.  Its kind of fun when don't have the amp on and you forget the power setting and work a DX with the power on the K3 at 35 watts, hi


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Sure would help if you defined your needs (space, location, heat load, available AC power, portability, accessibility, operating style, bands, etc)
I like to work DX and want to have the capability to run 1500W when I need it, especially on the low bands. I also want QSK capability. So far I have used two amps with the K3:
Alpha 87A
- Ran it in auto-tune mode. 
- No problems getting 1500W without pushing the K3
- Did  not use ALC.
- Time delay is a pain when turning on when you hear a new one at sunrise on 160M. That's why my amp is on most of the time. Actually I don't turn off much of anything year round unless I am going on a business trip or vacation.
- Replacement tubes are expensive but should last many years
- It is mounted near the ceiling in the basement about 3' below my feet. I only  have the RCU in the shack.
- Keeps the  heat load low in the shack, saves room and I have it bonded to my entire house one point ground system which is right next to the amp.
- It is auto band change like the 87A so that I don't make an oops when changing bands. It doesn't have the  auto-tune feature of the 87A, but you can preset band segments with the 2000A.
- Like the 87A it is easy to get 1500W out with the K3 without pushing it. 
- Replacement tubes are cheap and should last many years.
Both companies have been great on support.
I would like to have a solid-state amp that covered 160-6M. Maybe the KPA1500 some day?
N2TK, Tony

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I own a K3 and want to purchase an amplifier to use with it.I am looking for recomendations with reasons why.

tnx Ka8p

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