K3's Shipped!

Norm Duxbury

Here's Eric's post from the Elecraft reflector:

The first production K3s started shipping today! (Oct 9th) :-) We
worked overtime last week and through the weekend to get everything in
order. We had the usual last minute glitches (missing hardware we
thought we had received, MORE toroid winding in Aptos, minor PCB
assembly errors, documentation snafu's etc.) but we were able to resolve
everything in time for shipping today. Whew!

Here's a picture of Lisa with the first K3/100 kit of this batch going
out the door. :-)

After today's batch of K3s we will pause shipping for two days to let
the dust settle and to make doubly sure we have everything in proper
order. We will continue testing and packaging the K3 kits tomorrow and
Thursday. We'll resume shipping on Friday and should continue shipping
on a daily basis, Monday-Friday, after that. This week we are beginning
with the kit versions of the K3. Mid next week the first built K3s will
begin rolling out the door.

The rest of this week we will be contacting those of you that will be
shipping over the next two weeks. Due to the very high number of orders
that we received the first day at Visalia and via FAX/Internet (actually
the first couple of weeks!) we will not be shipping all the first day
orders on the first day, or two, or three. :-) But we are working hard
to get everyone's K3 out the door quickly. Initial shipment rates will
of course start out in small groups and slowly accelerate to more units
per day as we ramp up. But our top priority to to make sure we get you a
complete and quality product. Please be patient with us. We're just as
anxious as you to get your radio on its way.

The K3 Operating manual is complete and I'll be posting it and the K3
option manuals to the web by end of day tomorrow. I'll post a note here
when they are on-line.

Now, where is that champagne...

73, Eric WA6HHQ

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