Re: PTT-KEY - anything but OFF-OFF invokes PTT and or KEY

Brian K0DTJ

For PTT-KEY from N1MM I set PTT=OFF, KEY =DTR, but VOX has to be on to get power out. Otherwise it keys with no power. Convenient when I want to take a break, I just turn VOX off to avoid spurious keying from the computer while I’m gone. 

Brian, K0DTJ

On Aug 24, 2022, at 10:54, n7wy via <n7wy@...> wrote:

I noticed Saturday prior to SSB NAQP that setting my K3S and N1MM for PTT via USB RTS resulted in N1MM not being able to assert PTT so I went to the N1MM software command option for PTT.

This morning with only the PowerPole connected, upon power up, the K3S PTT and KEY CONFIG settings were both OFF.  
I wanted to set PTT-OFF and DTR for CW keying, Turning the knob to PTT-RTS and KEY-OFF invoked PTT with no power out.  The next step is PTT-DTR and KEY-OFF.  The PTT was invoked with no power out.  The next step is PTT-OFF and RTS-KEY.  The K3S went into key down transmit.  Same thing for OFF-DTR. 

Then I connected the K3 utility and looked at all the tabs which appeared to be of little use.  After unplugging the USB cable, the radio did NOT invoke PTT or KEY down for any CONFIG setting of PTT-KEY.

However, after configuring the radio to PTT-OFF, KEY-DTR I turned the power OFF and back ON and the settings were lost.

 I hate intermittent problems. RSVP with your magic touch.

73, Bob R - N7WY

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