Re: VARA HF and KAT500

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Once the KAT500 has resolved a match for the frequency and antenna,  then set the KAT500 to MAN mode.  As a rule if one has trained the KAT500 for the antenna of choice, then allowed it to resolve a match for the various frequencies one would use on the band, then switch the KAT500 to MAN.  This way it will follow the transceiver and resolve a match for the frequency.   Thus always operate in the MAN mode.,. 

AT my station with my 75/80M antenna, I allowed the KAT500 to resolve a match every 25 kHz across the band.  Then operating in the MAN mode, the tuner precisely followed the transceiver frequency.  As I changed frequency the tuner switched to the previously resolved match configuration value,  only hearing a click of the relays.  There was NO hunting for a match combination. 

Bob, K4TAX

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