Re: K3 + HDSDR + RSP1A Help please

David Erickson - AB0R

On 5/8/2022 10:31 PM, K0ATV / Derek wrote:
Yes that was done initially. I get the RSP1A window when I click on device (which has the gain control, offset, etc). HDSDR is friends with the RSP1A.
Derek / K0ATV
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On 5/8/2022 5:46 PM, K0ATV / Derek wrote:
It would help me greatly if you (or anyone with a similar setup) could either post or reachout to me directly (dbrown719@...) with your "SDR device (f8)" settings, and any of the "options (f7)" & any GUI slider settings you have in HDSDR. I am past getting radio to talk to hdsdr & RSP1A to hdsdr. Already have the proper EXTIO as requested by HDSDR for my RSP1A (those two are happy). My spectrum display shows nothing useful. With the RSP1A disconnected from my K3 there is absolutely nothing so it seems like a signal interpretation / settings issue. The IF out is giving it "something". I also ensured my KXV3 is "on" in the config menu. It is by no means plug & play on this end. 😂
Any help is appreciated.
Derek / K0ATV
After you installed the EXTIO software, you were instructed to copy the
EXTIO_rsp*.dll into the HDSDR directory.
IF you did that, you should get the SDRplay control panel when you click
on SDR-device[F8].
Is that the case?

That is good. Now, if you click "options, then RF front end configuration" you will get the option to tell it to use the IF signal from the SDR controlled by Omni-rig.

That should get you there.

Dave Erickson

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