Re: K3 + HDSDR + RSP1A Help please

K0ATV / Derek

Yes that was done initially. I get the RSP1A window when I click on device (which has the gain control, offset, etc). HDSDR is friends with the RSP1A.


Derek / K0ATV

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] K3 + HDSDR + RSP1A Help please
On 5/8/2022 5:46 PM, K0ATV / Derek wrote:
> It would help me greatly if you (or anyone with a similar setup) could
> either post or reachout to me directly (dbrown719@...) with your
> "SDR device (f8)" settings, and any of the "options (f7)" & any GUI
> slider settings you have in HDSDR. I am past getting radio to talk to
> hdsdr & RSP1A to hdsdr. Already have the proper EXTIO as requested by
> HDSDR for my RSP1A (those two are happy). My spectrum display shows
> nothing useful. With the RSP1A disconnected from my K3 there is
> absolutely nothing so it seems like a signal interpretation / settings
> issue. The IF out is giving it "something". I also ensured my KXV3 is
> "on" in the config menu. It is by no means plug & play on this end. 😂
> Any help is appreciated.
> Derek / K0ATV


After you installed the EXTIO software, you were instructed to copy the
EXTIO_rsp*.dll into the HDSDR directory.

IF you did that, you should get the SDRplay control panel when you click
on SDR-device[F8].

Is that the case?

Dave Erickson

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