Re: P3 - spur? tracks with tuning on P3 display.

Rick NK7I

And it also helps to neatly fold the P3 internal ribbon cable, bind it (I used a paper clip), carefully placing it against the side wall (tape if needed).  That and a good BNC at each end (occasionally cleaning it by dis/connecting to wipe it) keeps most of the birdies quiet.

Rick NK7I

On 2/28/2022 10:27 AM, Bob McGraw - K4TAX wrote:
I would make sure the coax cable from the K3S to the P3, BNC to BNC,  is a good quality shielded cable.  Actually, a double-shielded cable is preferred.    I don't see the type of birdies or spurious signals with the same settings as in your video on my P3.

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