Re: K3 Will Not Power Off

Rick NK7I

Check pin 8 on the ACC.  If that is toggled low, it powers on the K3 (and K4).  In that use, 100 ms is long enough to power on the rig.

If it is left low, this situation you’re seeing, could happen.

Rick NK7I

On Feb 11, 2022, at 5:08 PM, Ed via <elancki@...> wrote:

Hello Anthony,
Our club also has a K3 that occasionally does not power off.  The K3 is used with the RemoteHamscom software as a remote station.  It shuts off fine when commanded to do so remotely, but when the physical power button is pressed in the shack, it goes into a strange mode where the display stays on but goes blank.  Removing the 13.8V DC is necessary to turn off the K3.  I brought the K3 home to try and evaluate the problem, and it will not fail in my shack.  One difference is that here in my shack, I don't have the RS-232 and ACC cables connected.  When weather improves, I intend to return to the shack and test it with the cables connected and disconnected.  If I discover anything else, I will let you know.
I was not aware of a KPA3 12V sense modification.  Where can I get more information about the mod?

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