Re: K3 has tone coming from Speaker while FT8 is transmitting

Rick NK7I

Turn down the MONitor function; long press on the CMP-PWR knob to access.

Rick NK7I

On 1/26/2022 3:25 PM, Marty King via wrote:
My setup is a K3, SIgnaLink USb and laptop. FT8 works well on the system so there are no problems there as far as I know.
However, whenever it is transmitting, there is a loud tone that comes from the K3 speaker that does not respond to the volume control.
I have to plun un a headphone jack to stop it.
Is this normal? I hope not because it is annoying. I probably have something incorrectly set up.
I am using DX Commander and WSJT-X connects through that interface.

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