Firmware won't load

Mike Wendland <mike@...>

I am really frustrated trying to load updated firmware to my KAT500.
I even ordered a replacement cable from Elecraft.
The software and cable recognize the tuner. But when I try to upload the new firmware to the tuner, I get a message saying the KAT500 was unable to load the firmware,
I have tried this both on my main MacMini M1 and a Windows machine.
My K3s loads fine, so does my KPA500. Just the tuner.
The tuner will set a SWR but after a few seconds of transmitting, more often than not it goes out of tune and starts clicking and clicking. Makes no difference whether the amp is running or I'm barefoot with the tuner at 75 to 100 watts.
Any help is appreciated.

Mike, K8ZRH

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