Re: K3(s) - DATA

Mike Cizek W0VTT

Hello Daniel,


Your audio source for both input and output should be USB Audio Codec:


Input  - Microphone (USB Audio Codec)

Output -  Speakers (USB Audio Codec)




Mike Cizek W0VTT


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On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 05:46 PM, ve3ki wrote:

Thanks Rich for that Info.

The USB port on a K3S or K3 with the KIO3B option can handle rig control and sound card data simultaneously with no problem. There is no need to separate the two; you can configure the software to use the KIO3B's serial port for rig control and the USB Audio Codec as the sound card for both receive and transmit. The rig control and the sound card can be done by different programs.

If I only have 1 cable from the K3(s) to the computer via USB port on the K3(s), what audio source do I select in the WSJT-X?


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