Re: WTB: SP3 and K3 ATU - just bought a used K3

Mike Rees, 2004 SYA 40' 71616

Welcome to the group. I heard you talking to Chuck on the 7155 group. I won my K3s, at the Yuma Hamfest. I also am trying to get accessories. 
I can’t help you with anything. I do have a spare P3. 
Good luck. Hope to talk to you on group soon. 

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 20:28 Brian Mathews <hotelbroker@...> wrote:
Hi,  I'm new here but have been a happy elecraft KX3 owner for a while now.  I found an early K3 for sale locally with the P3 and I like it very much.  I have a thing for matching accessories so I'm wondering if anyone has an SP3 external speaker thru would like to sell?  Also interested in adding some options to my K3 like the ATU, but will consider anything that is avaliable. 
I'm good on QRZ for contact info, 

Brian W6BRY


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