Re: My new MacMini M1 wont find the serial port for the KAT500

Barry Baines


On Oct 3, 2021, at 8:47 AM, mike@... wrote:

My KAT500 badly needs an update. But my new Macmini M1 no longer recognizes the serial cable. That cable connects to my KS3 just fine. But no longer does it recognize the KAT500.

Question:  You state, “my new Macmini no longer recognizes the serial cable”;  did it work previously with the same M1?  Or, did you mean to say that “my new MacMini does not recognize the serial cable” meaning it has never worked your serial cable?

Second, is the serial cable from Elecraft or another source?  Keep in mind that Big Sur (MacOS v15.x) only supports the FTDI chip (not Prolific). The KXUSB-A USB RS232 to 3.5MM cable from Elecraft (FTDI) should be compatible with the current MacOS running on a M1, but a different cable may not be compatible.


Barry Baines, WD4ASW1
(Mac User but not a M1 owner) 

Any other MacMini M1 users here with the KAT500.

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